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Dec 22

And it’s done! One more term in the books!
Along with that, another round of studying, grinding, cramming and reviewing complete. Not a shabby result this year either. The marks of the first couple exams are starting to trickle in and I’m no less than pleased with them. That said, there’s still three more to wait on.

But of course the end of term and exams means one thing: BREAK!
Winter holidays are a nice way to wrap up the year. Christmas with the family and New Years with my friends (which conveniently also doubles as my birthday).

And once that’s all over it’ll be back to the grind for my last term of school (woo-hoo!)
The BIG focus of this last term is going to be my Capstone project! But I’ll touch on that later.

Enjoy the Holidays in whatever fashion you might!


Dec 22

Okay, after a short technical hiccup I’m back up!

This is the first of what should be my periodic posts about. . . me. First of all, I have to give a big thanks to Steve who has held my hand through the process of getting this webpage up, as well as hosting it for me on his server.

This first post isn’t too exciting. A short summary of what’s happening currently in my life:
– Capstone Project
– Just accepted a job with TRUE Consulting in Kamloops, BC

But details on all these will come later.